Sidekick Planner - Red

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The best all-in-one planner, appointment calendar, journal and notebook for daily use to achieve your goals.
sidekick planner daily weekly monthly hardcover goal planner black leather journal dimensions a5 size 5x8

Designed for your success

•Monthly-Weekly-Daily Pages
•91 Days of Planning
•13 Weekly Review and Planning
•Undated pages
•Daily Schedule
•Dotted Notes Sections on each page
•Create your Life’s Vision
•Daily Gratitude
•Habit Tracker
•Reflect on Best Moments
•Ritual Creator
•Daily-Weekly Priority List
•Quarterly Review


Prioritize your tasks

Prioritising is a skill. With Sidekick's system you'll build this skill fast and easy, and you'll always stay on top of your to-do list.


By looking back to your last week's best moments, you'll make improvements and plan your next week accordingly.


Balance is key. You'll find the balance in the four main pillars of life: Health, Wealth, Love, Happiness.

Manage your time

Time is your most valuable asset. You'll find it easier and to manage your time wisely with your Sidekick Planner.

develop positive habits

With the built in habit tracker you'll find it easy to never skip that gym session, and just to stick with any habit you want to build.

live a fulfilling life

Live a happier, more fulfilling life. Set aside the stress and concentrate on all the positivity in your life!


sidekick planner open pages daily planning notebook day schedule red bookmark

Morning Ritual & Affirmation 
Start your days with positivity 

Daily Focus
What's your focus for the day? 
Daily Big 3
Use the power of 3! Tackling the 3 biggest tasks for the day is a guarantee you'll achieve your big goals! 
List and crush your secondary goals each day!
Work as you wish! Non numbered schedule for your needs!
Infinite possibility. Note, journal, brainstorm ideas. 
Evening Ritual

Focus on all the positive things each evening, and practice gratitude.
Your Big Dream
Writing down your big dream before bed what makes you motivated in the mornings.


Princeton University studies has shown, students who take notes on paper learn and retain more than those who use laptops.
As we all know, digital devices can be especially distracting. When it comes to focused work, they can get in the way by tempting you to multi-task when you should be working on one task at a time.

1. Handwriting ensures better decision making process.

2. Paper planners let you focus on what matters most.

3. Paper planners add importance to your notes.

4. You can customize it to your personality.

5. Using them convenient and easy.

Less distractions


Reduces screen time

sidekick daily goal planner lays flat design with black and red bookmarks


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