Below you will find some tips to set as Weekly Challenges. Make sure you have a clear vision of the outcome and you have a reward once you complete your challenge! We separated the challenges to the 4 main categories to easily find that you're looking for.

weekly challenges


“Aim for 7 to 8 hours of sleep every day for one week."
 “Drink more water and aim for eight glasses or more in a day."
“Learn to cook at least one full meal this week.”
“Add more vegetables to my breakfast this week."
“Reduce the number of calories I drink every day and aim to eat them instead.”
"Take the stairs."
“Add more steps to my day."
“Reduce the number of cigarettes I smoke every day.”
“Reduce fast good intake and cook at home."
“Add more fruits and vegetables to my diet."
 “Reduce soda intake."
 “Start strength training by doing 10 push-ups every day."
 “Stop multi-tasking during meals."
 “Take multivitamins every day."
 “Aim to drink alcohol in moderation."
 “Stretch more, especially after a training session."
 “Reduce processed sugar intake every day for a whole week."
 “Reduce using over the counter self-medication like antibiotics."
 “Limit foods that cause inflammation and bloating."
 “Eat more healthy fats in nuts and seeds."
 “Eat healthy snacks like apples and Greek yogurt."
 “Add more protein to my diet."
 “Go outside for some vitamin D."
 “Take 5 minutes break from sitting every hour and stand."
 “Have a healthier indulgence like dark chocolate instead of ice cream."


“Note down goals and break them into doable sections."
“Remove the fear barrier."
“Try to learn something new this week."
“Make at least one business connection."
“Surround myself with like-minded people."
“Stay organized."
“Pay attention to the fine print details."
“Prioritize aspects that fit with my goals."
“Focus on tasks at hand."
 “Keep a note of small spending during the day."
 “Research on a viable business opportunity that I can start”
 “Make a budget and aim to stick with it."
 “Cut out unnecessary expenses."
 “Buy quality that will last longer."
 “Plan for my future today."
 “Shelve my ego for the day and ask for help."
 “Learn to delegate to have more work for productive work."
 “Keep up to date with industry trends."
 “Focus on revenue generation."
 “Be consistent with what is working and aim to stick to it."
 “Be persistent to see results."
 “Be flexible to remain productive and creative."
 “Consistently look for a less challenging solution to my problem."
 “Tackle the hardest project fast."
 “Schedule tomorrows work today to save time."

“Snuggle every morning with my partner for at least 5 minutes before leaving the bed."
“Spend quality time with my partner whether it’s eating, transiting to work or watching a favorite TV show."
“Express appreciation daily."
“Deliver breakfast in bed at least one day of the week."
“Be a team player when it comes to cooking and cleaning."
“Send love notes or a card."
“Take at least one long walk this week."
“Give my partner a gift."
“Do a manageable project together this week, e.g. cleaning the shed, garage, building an outdoor chair."
 “Schedule and take a mini trip or car ride."
 “Touch more often."
 "Give welcoming and goodbye hugs."
“ Kiss goodbye and Hello."
 “Give words of affirmation and compliments."
 “Reconnect throughout the day by texting or calling."
 “Express positive attributes about my partner by telling them exactly what I like about them."
 “Always show respect to my partner even in misunderstandings."
 “Turn off distractions for at least 30 minutes and spend evenings with my partner."
 “Reintroduce and increase flirting."
 “Fight smarter and aim to tackle the problem as a team, not to win."
 “Be honest with my partner."
 “Be polite to my partner even in the case of a mistake.”
 “Celebrate milestones together regardless of how small it is."
 “Discover new adventure together by visiting a new place, reading something new or cooking a new dish together."
 “Have a date night."
 "Go to bed together every night."


“Spend at least 30 minutes every day with a loved one."
“Count my blessings and note what I’m grateful for every day."
“End one crappy relationship that is draining me."
“Start gift giving “
“Plan and meet with a friend every week."
“Aim to give my negative feelings a label, sad, anxious, disappointed to help process them."
“Notice the small stuff that makes my day interesting."
“Appreciate myself more."
“Stop yo-yo dieting and eat a more balanced diet."
 “Save on pocket change and plan to visit somewhere close at the end of the week."
 “Appreciate every day’s uniqueness and live in the present.”
“Dance more often every day in the week."
 “Practice acceptance."
 “Focus on the positive of a bad situation. Instead of thinking I failed, view it as a learning process."
 “Discover and engage in activities I find enjoyable watching cartoons, baking, playing cards, etc."
 “Meditate or have a spiritual outlet."
 “Reach out to others and write a letter or call them."
 "Stop worrying."
 “Have more safe sex to release good feel hormones."
 “Make a positivity list."
 “Give more to the less fortunate."
 “Every day, take steps to separate work and home life."
 “Practice gratitude."
 “Plan a mini getaway."
 “Forgive often."


Writing down your goals and what you desire to achieve during the day gives you a sense of direction. Ideally, you won't have to struggle with procrastination and figuring out what to deliver. Below are morning, evening and weekend rituals that you can adopt.


“Wake up at 5 am every morning."
“Avoid hitting the snooze button."
“Take 5 minutes to meditate."
“Take 3 minutes to make my bed."
“Drink a glass of water as soon as I wake up."
 “Let natural light in."
“Listen to rejuvenating music that sets a great mood for the day."
“Exercise for at least 30 minutes every day."
“Take multivitamins and supplements."
 “Do a quick clean up in my bathroom."
 “Eat a healthy breakfast."
 “Take a calming beverage like tea."
 “Take 15 minutes to connect with family members."
 "Clean dishes right after breakfast."
 “Take note of groceries items running low."
 “Take 5 minutes to pack my lunch."
 “Take a look at the to-do list or tweak where necessary."
 “Make a note of financial spending."
 “Review doctors, school or social appointments."
 “Take note of due bills."
 “Clear up any cluttered mail."
 “Take note of yesterday's pending issues
 “Take 5 minutes and quickly strategize how to tackle complex tasks during the day."
 “Make affirmations for the day."
 “Take 5 minutes and read the news headlines and see what is happening around me."
 “Tidy up and place everything in their rightful place."
 “Take out the trash."
 “ Take 10 minutes and check on received messages and emergency emails."
 “Dress up for the day whether I’m headed for the office or working from home."
 “Lockdown everything."
 “Leave the house or start working."


“Take 10 minutes to evaluate the day’s work and note pending issues."
“Go for an evening class to further education."
“Reflect and celebrate reflect on the days' achievements."
“Take 20 minutes to unwind period when from work."
“Take off my clothes and place in the correct place."
“Take 5 minutes and prepare for tomorrows schedule."
“Jot down obligations you have for the week."
“Make a call to a loved one."
 “Do assignments from school or practice self-education."
 “Counter check grocery list and note what needs a refill."
 “Tackle issues that need attention, e.g., taking the garbage out, changing the light bulb."
 “Clean for 30 minutes every day."
“Prepare dinner."
 “Aim to eat as a family."
 “Clean up after myself."
 “Make small talk with my family."
 “Schedule 20 minutes to watch the news."
 “Read for 15 minutes before sleeping”
 “Take a solo walk."
 “Refrain from work talk."
 “Pick out clothes for the next day."
 “Enjoy a happy hour where I do nothing but sit around."
 “Prep meals for the next day."
 “Take a therapeutic bath."
 “Read a none work-related book, fiction, self-help books, etc.”
  “Conserve my utilities by turning off lights."
 “Write in my journal."
 “Put away electronics and limit screen time."
 “Cuddle and have a light chat with my partner."
 “Sleep at the same time every day."


“Set a wake-up period at about 7 am."
“Have a weekend routine, ring bell, saying it out loud at dinner or post it on social media, to signify to the brain its downtime."
“Reduce work-related worries, calls, emails, etc.."
“Eat a healthy fun breakfast."
“Read a book for up to 30 minutes."
“Go grocery shopping."
“Use 1 hour to do laundry “
“Do thoroughly cleaning in the house."
“Reach out and help a neighbor
 “Go for a hike."
 “Reduce the use of technology (social media)”
 “Have some quality time with my spouse."
 “If I have to work, have a set time for it and stick to it."
 “Take a 30 minutes nap."
 “Meditate or pray."
 “Exercise for at least 30 minutes to an hour."
 “Visit a family member I haven’t seen in a while."
 “Do something artsy or creative for fun."
 “Catch up on my DIY projects."
 “Take up fun cooking or dancing classes."
 “Make an obligatory phone call to someone I rarely talk to."
 “Catch up on movies and shows."
 “Take an evening yoga class."
 “Plan a fine dining date night as a family."
 “Have a family game night."
 “Plan fun activities for the next weekend."
 “Plan for the work week."
 “Ensure my appointment list is up to date."
 “Have some alone time."
 “Go to bed at a reasonable hour."


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