10 Ways to Get More Organized In 2019

 While some of us set new resolutions each year, a few of us manage to live to by those resolutions. That is because we take such changes as enormous obstacles and not the results of our daily and small deeds as well as decisions. Choosing the right habits and sticking to them for a long time can give you profound results.

Making a good time for improvement in 2019 will snowball you to greater heights and change your entire life perspective for the better. Do not wait for 2019 to fall in. Start adopting the best ways today and 2019 will be a smooth year for you. Below are some of the ways on how you can make yourself more organized in 2019.


Various Ways to Ensure You Are Organized In 2019


1. Write Your Plans Down

    Every person can remember their birthday and can send birthday cards to their loved ones. Such does not involve any memorization. Trying to remember some things will never make you organized. However, writing whatever plan you have on a piece of paper can be extremely rewarding. A to-do list or a diary works as an external element that will remind you of what you are supposed to do.

    Trying to keep all the plans alongside their dates in your head could complicate your life entirely. However, writing down what you want to do offers a reference plan for the most important dates whenever you need to. The most crucial dates such as meetings, home decoration dates, list of groceries or even birthdays can be written in your diary. After you hold meetings, it would be helpful if you write the names of the participants and some of the plans you have set with them too. In that way, you can track your progress throughout the year.


    2. Avoid Procrastinating In 2019

      The longer you stay without doing what you want to do, the more difficult it becomes to accomplish it. For your life to be less stressful, try to organize everything as it comes. You must also execute every plan on its time and avoid postponing your actions.  After writing down what you are supposed to do on a specific date, find out the various ways in which you can do it in time. Always ensure you accomplish your mission and goal in time without procrastination.


      3. Schedule Your Plans and Make Deadlines

        Remaining organized and avoiding wasting time can be extremely rewarding. You will notice that staying organized will help you get productive every new day throughout 2019. Try to keep your schedules for every day clear and set the right goals. Stick to those goals and evaluate yourself to find out by the end of the day if you have achieved what you wanted to. 

        Living in a cluttered life will not give you space and the time you need to achieve your goals and meet your deadlines. Make a good bucket list. Try to record all the things you want to accomplish within the given time and narrow down on how to achieve such goals. Always remember that life is short and you only need to concentrate on issues that matter most to your life.


        4. Keep At Your Disposal Only What You Need/ Prioritize 

        Keeping a lot of things at your office, room or even on your working table will mean more clutter. Try to organize your working station and only keep what you need for your daily chores. Reducing things on your desk also means that you have a nice-looking working station. Such a habit will always make you feel relaxed and better during your working hours.

        You can note down the various things you need for your daily routine against the things you do not need. That will be helpful in eliminating all the unwanted papers, files, and substances off your table.


        5. Meal Plan

        There is a great connection between body health and success. A healthy body will be able to work towards you set goals. Although body exercises are essential in maintaining a healthy body, diet observance will keep you off the doctor's table or the chemist counter. Sickness and body unwellness contributes to missed deadlines, absenteeism at work and lack of total focus towards set goals. 

        But the good thing is, by eating a healthy diet you will boost your body immune thus keeping the doctor away.

        In connection to that, for you to eat healthily and to always observe your diet, you need a meal plan. A meal plan will save your time and help you organize your eating schedule. Below are tips to help you plan your eating habit:

        • You can choose Friday as your meal plan day. On this day, make a list of the meals you are to feed on in the coming week while observing your diet.

        You can make such a list in your mobile phone, iPad or on a sheet of paper which you are to pin on your fridge or a whiteboard

        • Lastly, make a grocery list and choose the day you are to eat each meal and at what time.

        After that, all you will need is to make sure you have followed your meal plan.

         meal prep for success and goal setting


        6. Always Delegate Responsibilities

        If you want an organized life in 2019, do not overfill yourself with responsibilities, deadlines or even meetings. Things that could have brought some stress should be organized in such a way you can identify them, and work on them accordingly. If you would like to delegate some of your responsibilities, choose the right people who can deliver to your goals.

        Nevertheless, being busy is great, it is better compared to doing nothing. However, what most people do not realize is that being busy may not necessarily mean that you are productive. The time taken to accomplish a duty is not equal to the success anyone will get.


        7. Set Measurable 2019 Goals

        When people make real progress in life, they become happier, inspired and motivated. In 2019, try to set some measurable and realistic goals. That will help you in strategizing on how to achieve set goals well and ensures that you have meaningful progress throughout. Noting down your goals and having some specific measurement against them helps in visualizing on the procedures and terms on which you will work on.


        8. Surround Your Life with Happiness

        Happiness can sometimes seem like an abstract concept. However, happiness is a comprehensive term that can be designed by anyone to mean best for their lives. Try being happy on a daily basis and you will see the magic behind it. Great achievement comes with a smile and frustrations may hinder you from achieving your set goals. Being happy also gives your mind the power to reorganize your life and incorporate the patterns you desire to have.


        9. Know When to Say No

          It true we all have friends, relatives and workmates who feel loved, cared for and happy when we are around them. But what happens when they pop at your door or call you and say you have to meet; either go for weekend get-away, do some clubbing or anything you never planned for.

          Obviously, a “Yes” is the best answer, but when you have a project with a worrying deadline you have to beat or planning to cut your weekend spending and save for something, it’s time you learn to say “no.”

          Always stick to your schedule. If you get tempted to say “yes” when a “ no” is the best answer, learn to consult your calendar, such will help you stick to the plan always.

          Never loss track to success just because of a single day’s or a few hours laughter and enjoyment.


          10. Start Early Enough

            You not only need to wake up as early as 5 a.m., but you also need to start planning your 2019 as early as now.

            Understanding your failures in 2018 and how you can avoid them in 2019 can be a great move.  Being able to pinpoint your challenges and understanding how you can change them will help you better your future life.  Financially, you need to start saving your money early enough and invest it when necessary.  

            Additionally, Do not wait until you are 40 to start investing in your dream. On the other hand, you do not have to be very young to achieve your dream. If you are 40 and above, always know that there is an equal room to organize your dream towards your success. The perfect timing opportunity may never show up. Act now and make 2019 the most memorable year of your life.




            If you have been working in something and you have not yet achieved it, or it is not making you happy, 2019 should be the year to reorganize your moves. Restructuring your steps shows you are stronger enough and ready to make a success out of every new challenge. The big question should be: Am I prepared to make a change in 2019? What plans do you have in mind to make your 2019 successful?







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